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How it works

Bring Professional Resources to our Communities

Understanding your current financial position and building and sticking to a plan of action sometimes can be challenging.  Our RightPath Financial Coaching program works with you to develop realistic plans of actions and holds you accountable.

Remove Barriers and Assist families with finding financial independence.

By assisting with moving families to traditional financial services, we aim to capitalize on teachable moments. With our Bank and Credit Union partners, we are able to help families move toward the financial mainstream.

Create College-going Cultures

The path to college or post-secondary education and careers sometimes can be difficult to navigate. That’s why we work with participants to understand what it takes to prepare for this time in their child’s educational future.





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RightPathTM is a suite of personal finance and career services targeting local families and youth. The programs and services are designed to promote proper use of traditional financial services, create a college-going culture and prepare for family self-sufficiency. RightPath focuses on empowering participants and families and equipping them with the necessary tools needed for upward mobility.


Get Started by trying the 30-day Savings Challenge.  Get Calendar

Also, check out the myRA website to open your own retirement saving account.

RightPath is a component program of the Community Foundation for Financial Literacy, Inc.

The Community Foundation for Financial Literacy, Inc.

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RightPath is a core program of the Community Foundation for Financial Literacy, Inc.  All rights reserved.


We offer our suite of RightPath products and services to local schools, colleges and universities, businesses, community-based, religious and non-governmental organizations.

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