FAST Track

A program for high school students in partnership with the National Association of Security Professionals

The FAST (Finance And Scholastic Training) Track Program is a eight-month program that prepares the student for future success by helping them to build their personal road-map to the future and allowing them to explore different careers.

We expose the students to professionals and leaders of local businesses while enabling them to develop skills to work in peer groups and to become effective public speakers. We focus on personal self-sufficiency, post-secondary learning and personal financial responsibility. A cornerstone of our program shows the student how to take-charge and develop their own vision of their future.

Money Wise

A program to support business-focused student organizations at Atlanta area colleges

The Pathways to Success program supports student organizations at Atlanta area colleges and universities. We provide facilitators for workshops covering topics such as credit management, budgeting, and retirement planning. The sessions are designed to be relevant to young people who are beginning their professional careers. We currently provide support for organizations on the campuses of the Atlanta University Center.

If you are part of a student-run organization and would like to know more, please contact us.